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Dental Implant Cost

We Will Work Hard To Ensure You Are Able To Get The Implant Care You Need And Deserve!

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Factors That Affect Implant Cost

There are many things that can affect dental implant cost. We will work hard to offer financing options to ensure you get the care you need!

Factors That Affect Cost:
  • How Many Teeth Are Involved
  • If There Is Bone Loss
  • What Type of Procedure You're Having
  • If There is a Sinus Lift Required
  • If There is Periodontal Disease Present
  • If You Need Extractions
  • If You Are Edentulous

Implants Mean Long-Term Savings

Dental Implant Cost in Cedarhurst, NY

Many patients interested in dental implants as a permanent tooth replacement option wonder what the dental implant cost in Nassau County and Cedarhurst, NY might be. Several factors can affect the cost of your treatment, and we can discuss these costs during your visit. Dr. Marc Levine is an experienced implant dentist and can provide more information about the dental implant cost in Nassau County and Cedarhurst, NY during your consultation. Here are some of the key factors that influence the cost of dental implants:

Number of Missing Teeth

The cost of dental implants will be higher when you have several teeth that need to be replaced. Dr. Levine will need to use more materials and also spend additional time treating your mouth when you have more missing teeth.

Bone Loss

If there are any signs of bone loss, your implant dentist may recommend a bone grafting procedure before implant placement. This can affect the dental implant cost in Nassau County and Cedarhurst, NY.

Procedures Required

There are several different options when it comes to receiving dental implants and the method you choose will affect the cost of your implants. Implant supported dentures and All-on-4™ implants carry a different fee than dental bridges supported by implants or even traditional dental implants.

Gum Disease

If you have periodontal disease, the success rate of your dental implants may be affected by the presence of this condition. You will likely need to undergo treatment to address the disease before you are a candidate for implants. Dr. Levine may recommend something as simple as scaling and root planing to treat gum disease, or something as advanced as laser gum surgery.


If teeth need to be removed before placing implants, the cost of dental implants may increase. If teeth have been missing for some time, you may have some bone degeneration which will likely require a bone graft and other procedures before implant placement. These procedures will affect the total cost of treatment.

Dental implants may be your best investment in your oral health. For more information about the dental implant cost in Nassau County and Cedarhurst, NY set up your appointment with implant dentist Dr. Levine today!

Dr. Marc Levine is an experienced periodontist on Long Island and Cedarhurst who is committed to providing a pleasant experience for each of his patients and provides state of the art treatments. Dr. Levine offers periodontal treatment options including the LANAP Laser Treatment, dental implants, crown lengthening, ridge preservation, bone grafting, and the cone beam, CT Scan and 3D imaging. Dr. Levine cares for patients in Cedarhurst, Long Island, Nassau County, and sourrounding areas. Please call our office today to schedule your appointment