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Bone Grafting

Bone Graft in Cedarhurst, NY

If you have loose teeth or are showing signs of bone deterioration, Dr. Marc Levine may recommend a bone graft in Nassau County and Cedarhurst, NY as part of your treatment plan. If you have loose teeth or missing teeth because of decay, trauma, or injury, you may have some bone loss in the jaw bone. When there is not enough tooth structure available to stimulate the jaw bone, the bone tissue around the missing tooth can start to deteriorate. Dr. Levine may recommend a bone grafting procedure to restore the lost bone before implant placement or other types of tooth restoration procedures.

Bone Grafts in Nassau County and Cedarhurst, NY

Whether you have loose teeth or significant bone loss, you may be a good candidate for a bone grafting procedure. Dr. Levine performs three different types of bone grafting procedures: autogenous grafts, allografts, and xenografts.

• Autogenous grafts are performed using bone from one area of the patient’s body. The bone is transplanted to the mouth and is typically harvested from the chin area. • Allografts involve grafting using human bone from a cadaver. We typically turn to a bone bank for donated bone tissue and the material is carefully screened to be deemed safe.
• Xenografts are performed using bone derived from a non-human source, such as a cow.

The Bone Graft Procedure

Dr. Levine performs all bone grafts under local anesthesia. The area where the bone will be augmented is numbed completely and a small incision is made in the gums where the bone will be augmented. This ensures that Dr. Levine knows exactly how much bone needs to be harvested for the bone grafting procedure. Any bone tissue removed from the chin area will be anchored into the jaw bone using small titanium screws. Dr. Levine may place a mixture of bone grafting materials and bone marrow around the graft to speed up the healing process.

Loose teeth can have a negative impact on your oral and overall health. If you think you may be a good candidate for a bone graft in Nassau County and Cedarhurst, NY or have loose teeth, set up your consultation with Dr. Levine today.

Dr. Marc Levine is an experienced periodontist on Long Island and Cedarhurst who is committed to providing a pleasant experience for each of his patients and provides state of the art treatments. Dr. Levine offers periodontal treatment options including the LANAP Laser Treatment, dental implants, crown lengthening, ridge preservation, bone grafting, and the cone beam, CT Scan and 3D imaging. Dr. Levine cares for patients in Cedarhurst, Long Island, Nassau County, and sourrounding areas. Please call our office today to schedule your appointment